Ditch expensive agencies. Scale your outbound with AI.

OneShot uses advanced AI to automate prospecting busywork and put your outbound on autopilot.

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You know outbound works, but don't have the resources to scale it.


Increasing headcount is off the table. You have to make it work with what you have.


Your reps aren’t prospecting your entire TAM. How can they? They’re busy closing revenue.


Agencies are an expensive gamble. Results aren’t always proportionate to your investment.

Automate your entire outbound motion with AI.


Uncover ICP leads with superhuman speed and precision.


Automatically reach out with highly personalized messaging.


Understand and double down on what’s resonating.

Prospect research & lead sourcing

Automatically prospect your entire TAM

OneShot uses machine learning to analyze billions of data points to locate ideal prospects.

  • Automatically track high-value signals that matter to your business
  • Connect your CRM to instantly locate lookalike opportunities
  • We partner with best-in-class data providers so you don’t have to
AI-powered messaging

Personalize every message in seconds

You don’t have time to dig through every prospect’s online presence.

OneShot uses GPT-4 technology to take what it learns about your prospects and create highly relevant, high-converting outreach.

You simply approve or regenerate. The more feedback you give, the more intelligent it gets.

Reinforcement learning

Continuous background analysis, experimentation & improvement

Advanced machine learning algorithms quickly learn what resonates with your ICP and becomes smarter over time.

  • Automatically uncover new opportunities
  • Hot leads delivered daily to your team
  • Continually refine your ICP and messaging

Revenue Leaders ❤️ OneShot

"We are scaling quickly and our TAM is huge, so we can't effectively speak to everyone. OneShot has enabled us to conduct high-quality outbound communication without additional hiring. Plus with the intent signals, we know we are speaking to the right people."

Todd Michaud

CEO, Huloop

"OneShot paid for itself in 3 months. It delivered high quality meetings and activities within our sweet spot to accounts we never even thought about. We have more closed/won business and a growing pipeline."

Todd Jenkins

VP Sales EMEA, Fetcher.ai

"OneShot allowed our SDR team to focus on high value activities like cold calling or social selling. We doubled our results without increasing hiring."

David Stout

VP Sales, Appvance

"OneShot’s ability to craft highly personalized, conversion-driving messages at scale has improved our open rates and saved my team countless hours. It’s more than a tool, it’s a game-changing strategic asset.”

Jay Madheswaran

CEO, Butler

When you’re prospecting, you only get one shot. Make yours count.

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What is autonomous outbound prospecting software?

Autonomous outbound prospecting software is a sophisticated technology solution that automates the process of finding and reaching out to potential customers.

It uses artificial intelligence to search through various data sources, identifying potential leads that align with your business' ideal customer profile. The "autonomous" part refers to the software's ability to work independently, with minimal human intervention.

Once it's set up and given the parameters for the ideal prospect, it continuously scans for and engages potential leads based on those criteria.

This software automates the traditionally time-consuming and resource-heavy tasks involved in outbound prospecting, such as data collection, lead qualification, and initial outreach. The ultimate goal is to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and allow your sales team to focus more on building customer relationships and closing deals than on lead generation.

How is OneShot different from outsourcing lead generation?

Unlike a sales agency, OneShot uses software rather than human hours to conduct cold outreach.

OneShot augments your existing in-house outbound capabilities, acting as an extension of your sales team rather than a third-party feeding you leads.

What resources are required to implement and use OneShot?

We normally deliver above what your existing team are currently doing in terms of responses, we have experience across multiple industries and personas so have a good idea of what works for each one.

During our initial onboarding call, we’ll gather some important information from you such as your mailbox information and ideal customer profile. We also integrate your CRM to check for existing activity to ensure we don’t target existing customers or active accounts.

How does the OneShot platform qualify leads?

We use a combination of advanced machine learning and best-in-class data to gather information on prospects who match your ICP to make sure we’re only reaching out to qualified leads.

After we reach out, we use any responses to further determine whether a lead is qualified or not.

What is the cost of OneShot and how does it compare to hiring an outsourced agency?

OneShot starts at $1,995/month. An outbound sales agency typically charges $4,000–$5000 per month for their services.

We are able to price more competitively because our solution relies on technology rather than human hours. See a full breakdown of our pricing here.

How soon can we expect to see results after implementing OneShot?

About four weeks.There are four main phases before you go live for your first automated campaign:

  1. Email warming – so all your outreach goes where it’s supposed to
  2. ICP selection and list building – to target who you’ll reach out to
  3. Messaging – build your emails and sequences with AI
  4. Go live – kick-off your first campaign

We use this time to ensure you are set up for successful prospecting.

Can OneShot be integrated with our existing CRM or sales platform?

Yes. OneShot can be integrated with Salesforce and HubSpot CRMs. We set up this integration to ensure we do not target current customers or prospects already in active deals. We can also use the data in your CRM to prospect for lookalike leads.

What happens when we get a response?

No one is better suited to respond than you! You are notified as a prospect responds so you can take it from there.

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