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The only sales platform that
GUARANTEES meetings every month

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Booking meetings with your ICP is challenging

Lack of qualified leads

Hiring and training SDR's

High activity and low results

OneShot is worlds first autonomous prospecting platform

Guaranteed 5 Meetings per month 
100% ROI in 3 months 

50 % time saved
50 % increase in qualified meetings

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Prospecting on autopilot

The OneShot platform autonomously prospects high value leads, contacting the right account and prospect with highly personalized messaging, you do nothing. 

AI Driven ICP

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Ridiculously relevant Prospecting 

OneShot connects with your CRM to instantly identify who to target, based on a comprehensive checklist of ICP categories:

  • Customers

  • Opportunities 

  • Meetings

  • Responses

  • Sign ups 

No CRM? bad data? no problem, OneShot allows for custom ICP configuration. 

Perfect prospects

Don't guess what accounts to target

OneShot looks for new accounts based on your ICP, we go way further than just industry and size.

OneShot firmographics pinpoints perfect accounts you never would. 

AI Messaging 

Let AI write your messages, personalize ALL your outbound.

OneShot uses AI to craft the perfect personalized message to all your prospects.

Supercharged open and response rates, double industry standard. 

OneShot uses high converting messages that follow best in class cold email frameworks:

  1. Personalize

  2. Pain

  3. Pitch 

  4. Proof 

Applying AI

AI Results 

OneShot delivers meetings directly to your team

OneShot delivers on average over 5 new meetings per month within your ICP, otherwise you don't pay. 

OneShot targets over 1,000 leads per month driving meetings and responses.

Focus on high value activity versus manual work. 

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Why wait, OneShot can start prospecting today

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