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Network Worth

Join's partnership program to promote our platform and earn rewards for referrals, or boost your business by earning commissions for new customer introductions.

The Referral Program

You have a strong network, or own a unique content platform (e.g., blog, reviews site, YT channel, LinkedIn, comparison site) that could be a good fit to promote through customized links/promo codes.

How does it work ?

Casual Mention

During a casual meet-up, dinner, or any event, just drop us the name of the person or company you spoke to. We’ll keep an eye out for them in our pipeline for the next 10 days.

Direct Introduction

Make a direct introduction to potential clients via LinkedIn or email.

Content Creation

Share your experience or feedback about our platform on your LinkedIn feed. This not only boosts your credibility but also increases the chances of a successful referral.

How much could you earn?

15% Commission = $1,200 per successful referral that subscribe to 

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