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Ohalo takes hyper personalisation-first approach to increase meetings by 337%

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Industry: Software

Headquarters: London, UK

Founded: 2017

Key Outcomes

  • Achieved 100% personalisation of all messages

  • Increased overall message output by 338%

  • Saved 75% time taken per message (from 2mins per rep down to 30sec)

  • increased follow up output by 338%

  • Increased response rates by 328%

  • 33% of all outbound meetings booked via OneShot

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Who is Ohalo?

Founded in 2017, Ohalo creates order out of data chaos, providing data intelligence throughout unstructured and structured data.  CDOs, DPOs, CISOs and data science teams automate their data discovery, classification, governance, and risk/redaction processes at machine learning superhuman speed.

Ohalo’s Data X-Ray solution crosses multiple divisions and prospects, which forms a foundational challenge to their outreach strategy.







The Need

Prospecting to different roles and departments requires different touchpoints and personalisation, and the key buying group of engineering job titles magnified this requirement for Ohalo.

“We found that traditional approaches through cold email offered significantly fewer response rates than achieved with other job titles, less than 0.8% in fact, and getting an engineer to pick up a cold call was almost an impossible task!”

Enter LinkedIn personalisation, enter OneShot

“Once we identified that our core buyer segment was much more likely to engage with us on LinkedIn we had a foot in the ground to improve our sequences”. 

With this in mind, Ohalo’s sales team ran a two-week experiment across their sales cadences where they used OneShot's AI to personalise 100% of first touches, as well as 100% of second-touch follow-ups.

3 challenges

Ohalo’s decision to exclusively use personalised LinkedIn for first touches meant sacrificing a considerably smaller list size than they would usually plug into cold emails and attempting something that would typically take SDR's hours to research and customise.


Here were the challenges that OneShot set out to define success:


Challenge 1 - The personalisation imperative


Before, when prospects responded, it was usually because they were reacting to personalised notes - yet the amount of time it took to do this manually imposed limits on how many messages a rep could research, customise and send out.

OneShot proposed to remove this time investment limitation and ensure all prospects were receiving the same quality of messaging.


Using a combination of AI one-click message suggestions and customisable AI templates, OneShot ensured that all personas were met with relevance.

Challenge 2 - follow-up intelligence


Replicating scalable cold-email automation tactics also was not going to work on LinkedIn. 

Beyond the fact that every message sent to a cold prospect needed to have context beyond basic [first name] and [job title] customisers, LinkedIn also imposes connection request limits to keep the platform free from abuse.


By focusing on the quality of messaging over volume-spamming, OneShot shortcuts the risk of reps getting their account banned, ensuring reps optimise within message caps and available InMail credits whilst delivering more responses in the process.

As part of this, OneShot’s AI also recommends the following best action to take with prospects to maximise their chances of getting a positive response, including voice notes, email, and engaging in social selling on recent LinkedIn activity.

Challenge 3 - 360 view of connection requests

As anyone who has grown their LinkedIn following will tell you, a significant drawback of LinkedIn outreach is staying on top of who’ve you sent out connect requests to, who’s accepted and who to message next.

OneShot’s follow-up intelligence and notifications aim to completely remove these blackspots and ensure no potential lead gets left behind in the melee.


After using OneShot for 100% of all first and second touches (including email and cold calling), Ohalo saw an immediate impact on their SDR team's key metrics:


  • Achieved 100% personalisation of all messages whilst increasing the overall message output of the team by 338%

  • Saved 75% of the time taken to personalise each message (from 2mins per rep down to 30 secs)

  • increased follow-up output by 338%

  • Increased response rates by 328%

  • 33% of all meetings across all outbound engagement channels came via OneShot

"Our SDR team booked 33% of all outbound sourced meetings through AI-templates." 


Peter Whitehouse

Global Sales Director, Ohalo

OneShot's AI recommends the next-best action to take on a prospect to maximise the chance of a positive response. 

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