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Employee Spotlight Video: Daniel Disney meets Laurence Obied, SDR

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

From bookkeeping to booking 25 meetings a month, from 10 LinkedIn followers to 1,500, all within his first 5 months as an SDR.

Laurence started his journey into sales as OneShot's first Sales Development hire, and by all accounts it's been a rapid one. As our first SDR, Laurence was singlehandedly responsible for all outbound bookings and he's kept up pace by learning every step of the way.

In this video, we got Daniel Disney, of The Daily Sales fame, to dig into Laurence's experiences and see what advice he has for other SDRs on finding success in the role, including:

  • how to structure your day-to-day to optimise for success

  • why personalization is a game changer for SDRs right now

  • advice on getting more responses from personalization

  • the hidden power of LinkedIn voice notes

  • finding success from LinkedIn as a learning tool, not just as a selling tool

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