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11 Sales Communities (Free and Paid) to Join and Succeed With

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Any remote-working SDRs out there? We’re living in a new paradigm. Remote working comes with many advantages, there’s no doubt about that, but it does have its downsides. It’s difficult to feel integrated at times and to exchange ideas. It’s difficult to connect and be truly heard.

Sales communities are a great way to engage with people that are facing similar problems as you, similar constraints. They are also a decidedly amazing sales tool that you can use to expand your network, stay on top of industry trends, and grow in your learning journey.

We did some research for your (you’re are most welcome, we dig you…) and came up with a few sales communities we believe might help you grow as a professional and succeed in your learning journey.

SDR Nation

Sales Communities Screenshot, SDR Nation

One of the best communities fully dedicated to Sales Development. Whether you’re seeking a little guidance or you just want to fatten your network, joining SDR Nation is the right step for you.

They provide all the tools you need to take your career to new heights, connect with other top SDRs and get personalized coaching. An SDR Nation membership unlocks access to knowledge, mentors, and friends, not to mention a true community experience.

Their weekly newsletter packed with useful tips and the latest trends in sales development is also a great perk.

How can you join?

SDR Nation is now accepting applications and to do so, you’ll have to answer 4 questions. The membership is not free of charge. To join the community, you'll have to pay 45$/month (billed annually). Their member Kick-Off event is on March 3rd, so hurry if you want to save a spot.


Sales Communities Screenshot, Bravado

Bravado has been one of the fastest rising B2B sales communities of late, with over 130,000 sales reps hearing the call of their slick marketing.

In a partnership between Corp and Bravado, The War Room was born, a very exciting sales community that has some really cool features:

  • Content - upvote/downvote system (like Reddit) where people decide which content gets displayed. No more algorithm, Bravado gives power to the people!

  • Portfolio - track your entire career as a salesperson. You should know every company you’ve closed and how much revenue you’ve generated.

  • Gamification - earn ‘Commission’ (platform currency) for valuable discussions, answers, and content. Commission can be traded for rewards like gift cards, swag, and cash.

  • Network - join a diverse community of salespeople from different industries.

Warm Intros is another Bravado feature that connects sales professionals with trusted client relationships to users who are looking to build new contacts. Instead of making multiple cold calls, sellers can simply use the Bravado platform to find community members who can provide the access they seek.

How can you join?

Bravado is a sales-only community, which is why they provide membership exclusively for salespeople who want to evolve in their careers and be an active participant in the industry.

At the time of sign up, your profile will be verified and only genuine sales peeps will be granted membership.

Women in Sales Everywhere (WISE)

Sales Communities Screenshot, WISE

Globally, women hold just 24% of senior leadership positions, this number drops to 20% in

the sales industry. WISE is one of the largest Women only sales communities with a global network with members from 41+ countries.

They actively work to change how this male-dominated industry works, by providing a platform where women in sales can meet their peers, find mentors and grow as professionals.

WISE combines the best of online and offline career resources to connect members, share knowledge, and grow community. Their mentorship program is especially interesting as it pushes female SDRs to explore their limits and step out of their comfort zone to achieve new leadership skills.

Bonus: most members of WISE comprise women in senior revenue positions in kickass organizations like Zendesk, Salesloft, Udemy, and Grammarly.

How can you join?

Go to their website and apply for membership. Individual membership is $320/year if paid upfront and $100/quarter if paid quarterly. There’s also a sponsorship for teams which starts at $4000/year (up to five elements).

Sales Hacker

Sales Communities Screenshot, Sales Hacker

These guys know what they’re doing. Founded back in 2014, Sales Hacker has stepped up to become the world’s largest community for B2B sales.

We kid you not, Sales Hacker has almost 170,000 diverse sales professionals, as of 2020, and more than 500 contributing authors who share their expertise on a regular basis.

Impressive, right? In this community, you’ll find an amazing knowledge hub with articles, podcasts, videos, training events, and more! They also provide all you need to be part of their incredible community where members share problems and receive personalized solutions.

Bonus: The Sales Hacker community has one of the most effective and trusted job boards, helping both salespeople and companies find what they are looking for.

How can you join?

The community is open to all sales enthusiasts and the membership is free.

Thursday Night Sales (TNS)

Sales Communities Screenshot, TNS

Run by Scott Leese and Amy Volas, Thursday Night Sales is a long-running sales-focused weekly podcast. “Sales happy hour”, spoiler alert, it usually lasts more than one hour, is their way of reaching out to members. The participants can ask questions or raise hot topics to get feedback and guidance from others who are in the audience.

Due to its informal nature, TNS is the perfect platform to ask all those questions that you might be a bit embarrassed to ask on a different format. Besides helping you grow your network, TNS allows you to get one-on-one advice on how to bring the best version of yourself to the hiring process and ace your next job interview.

How can you join?

It’s open to all sales enthusiasts and it has free membership. (Uh uh!)

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Modern Sales Pros

Sales Communities Screenshot, Modern Sales Pros

Modern Sales Pros is the world’s largest peer education community for sales and leadership professionals. With over 20,000 members from 5000+ companies, MSP aims to accelerate the learning and professional development of their members, using a high-rigor analytical approach to selling.

It’s probably one of the most exclusive sales communities on our list. Most members of Modern Sales Pro belong to high-tech companies that are the epicenter of revenue innovation.

Perks of being part of the community include access to exclusive invite-only dinners, peer-learning-focused meetups, and happy hours.

How can you join?

It’s a bit trickier when compared to the previous communities. Each and every new member is vetted through a detailed application process.

It’s an exclusive community for revenue leaders in sales management, marketing management, sales/revenue operations, and the related supporting disciplines. We are sorry to inform that AE’s or individual contributor sellers are not allowed to join.


Sales Communities Screenshot, RevGenius

RevGenius was established in 2020 and is an active community of over 15,000 sales and marketing professionals from across the world. It’s a really exciting platform where members can connect, participate in roundtable debates, attend events, find a mentor or mentee, brainstorm, share tips, and have access to the RevGenius knowledge center.

Dooly, Gong, Canva. Do these ring a bell? Well, they are just a few names that are part of the RevGenius community, so you can rest assured that you’ll be learning from some of the best in the industry.

How can you join?

The community is open to those who want to join it, free of charge. RevLeague SDR Cohort Program is their paid feature. Specifically designed for sales reps and AEs, it includes all the free community perks and other cool elements like courses to improve prospecting, private slack, cold calling and cold emailing office hours.


Sales Communities Screenshot, Pavilion

Pavilion is all about helping you achieve your full professional potential. Created in 2016, the platform has grown into an energetic community of international leaders from fast-growing companies.

Besides the normal network building, Pavilion provides training and development as well as career resources for high-growth professionals. They have a really strong knowledge hub, daily job postings, Q&As where you can brainstorm and exchange ideas, small councils which aim to solve confidential problems, and many other features.

How can you join?

Pavilion has two types of membership: Individual and Team, both of them with an associated fee. For more details contact them here.

National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP)

Sales Communities Screenshot, NASP

Well, NASP’s homepage says it all, they are the largest sales association in the world. Dedicated to helping sales professionals, NASP provides online training and certifications, such as the Certified Professional Salesperson and Certified Master Sales Professional.

With over 500 partner companies, this sales community is also a platform that aims to help you create a personal network of like-minded professionals who seek to grow personally, expand their influence base, maximize career opportunities, share their expertise, and exchange best practices.

To assist you in your career efforts, NASP features a Sales Resource Center with a Lead To Growth Podcast, a Blog with a lot of insightful content, and a Career Center, where you can explore exciting job postings.

How can you join?

You can sign up on NASP’s website for free.


Sales Communities Screenshot, GrowthHackers Sales Section

Originally a content collaboration platform for marketers, the community has an active section on sales which is worth checking out for the latest hacks.

With GrowthHackers you’ll have access to peer-voted content instead of having a selection of articles aligned by an algorithm. You can also follow other people who work in your industry and network!

How can you join?

You can just sign up on their website and start networking!

Reddit - Sales and Selling

Sales Communities Screenshot, Sales Community on Reddit

Who hasn’t heard of Reddit? The platform is home to thousands upon thousands of communities and it’s worth checking out their subreddit on Sales for some of the latest news and trends in sales, selling, business development, lead generation, prospecting, and closing.

The content is published and upvoted/downvoted by the members, which guarantees the relevance of the threads. Once you’ve signed up, prepare to explore diverse content, recommended readings, and networking opportunities.

How can you join?

Reddit works like a social network, so you just need to sign up and join the community.

A few last words on the subject

In a world where brainstorming is ‘limited’ to Zoom meetings, new opportunities to exchange ideas and build a strong network rise. Join a community that best fits your interests and share. Share, learn and evolve with like-minded peers. Be the best salesperson you can be, and give us a shout if you found this article helpful!

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