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Why are Sales Reps missing Quota?

Well, that’s the million-dollar question. Of course in some instances, reps just aren’t cut out for the role. But according to the 3rd State of Sales report by Salesforce 57% of reps are missing quota, so there must be something bigger at play here. And with more sales tools and dashboards than ever, why isn’t sales performance on the rise?

More sales tools than ever before

One of the latest buzzwords hot on everyone’s lips is sales enablement. Simply put these are tools designed to support a more effective or efficient sales process, with the goal of helping sales teams hit their targets. But with the average rep using 5 tools as part of their sales tool kit – could it be that we’re overwhelming our sales teams?

We know these tools add value, they must be adding value. We’ve seen the cadence metrics showing our reps activity is strong. So why aren’t they getting the results?

Quality over quantity

So if it’s not just a numbers game how can we increase the quality of reps output? According to Salesforce only 36% of reps time is actually spent selling. No matter your profession those numbers just don’t stack up. If you’re only spending 36% of your time doing your actual job of course it’s going to be difficult to succeed.

OneShot – not another sales tool

Today’s combination of multiple prospecting and outreach tools is just too cumbersome, strongly contributing to why so many sales reps are missing quota. We’ve lived this issue first hand, and we’re here to solve it.

OneShot is a single platform with a rep-friendly dashboard for accelerated sales prospecting and outreach, and it integrates beautifully with the sales tools you’re already using.

Powered by Machine Learning

OneShot is on a mission to help sales teams uncover their hidden pipeline, by surfacing the net-new leads and accounts they didn’t know were already there - as well as hidden cross-sell/upsell opportunities from their existing customers.

We slash the average prospecting journey from 1 hour to 1-2 minutes by helping sales reps easily find and then contact the most relevant hidden leads and accounts in their territories, all in one tool. OneShot’s machine learning-powered platform instantly boosts qualified sales pipeline and does the heavy lifting - so your sales reps don’t have to.

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