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Single source of truth you will ever need to coach your team.

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The only 360 Report you will ever need to supercharge your team's prospecting journey 
track productivity , efficiency & effectiveness

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OneShot features
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The visibility engine for all your prospecting

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Do you face any of the problem during prospecting?

Unsure where your team is spending time on prospecting 

Unsure if they are sending

the right communiction

unsure why the leads to meetings conversion is low

Anomaly detection

Track Outbound Quality

OneShot uses AI to analyze all your outbound activity:

  • Instantly uncover message anomalies 

  • Every email scored for personalization

  • Who responds to what messages and why

Track Productivity

Track your Performance  

One click visibility of your teams performance:

  • How much personalization 

  • How many responses

  • How much research 

  • Conversion metrics 

  • ICP targeting 

Right ICP

Make sure SDRs are after 
right leads

OneShot works alongside your current sales tool stack.

OneShot will automatically identify and coach if the team are targeting the right prospects and staying within the ICP.

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Who said personalization had to be time consuming?

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