Case Study

How delivers fully autonomous prospecting for with a sub 3 months ROI

"OneShot, the only fully automated prospecting platform, used AI to identify their ICP, create highly targeted content, analyse results, and book meetings, all with minimal human intervention."

Travis Keeney

VP of Marketing @


The Challenge

The Outcome

Key outcomes

  • Hyper personalized prospecting with no human involvement.
  • Integration took only 30 minutes, with the existing CRM.
  • Warm leads in a week, meetings in 2 weeks and deals closed in 3 months.
  • Strengthening the Pipeline with the ICP customers within the first 2 weeks.

The problem

As a rapidly growing HR tech company, Fetcher faced a unique problem.

"With numerous new hires across the US and EMEA Fetcher sought to eliminate the manual effort of lead generation, research, and content creation, followed by data sourcing and sequencing."

That’s when Travis Keeney, VP of Marketing at Fetcher, discovered, the leading AI autonomous prospecting platform. Within days, Oneshot’s AI messaging and prospecting platform found new sweet spot leads that had never been handled, all within Fletcher’s ICP, resulting in increased meetings and pipeline.

The benefit

Travis had some critical success metrics to evaluate their new prospecting tool:

  • Seamless integration - OneShot was a one-click interface with their existing tools Outreach and Salesforce.
  • Lead Time - Within a week, they have warm leads within their pipeline.
  • Meetings - In the next two weeks, meetings had been scheduled with new prospects.
  • ROI  - Fetcher were able to see closed/won revenue in less than 3 months
  • Real-time data - Response rates by industry, persona, company size, and messaging data that could be leveraged for future marketing campaigns.​

Straight from the horse's mouth

Travis admits he was initially sceptical of using AI.

"After a few weeks of using Oneshot, we had scheduled appointments with accounts we had never targeted. To generate new meetings without doing anything is amazing and the team now uses OneShot warm leads to increase this even further."

We were blown away by their leads, meetings, and messages; today, it feels like they are an extension of our sales team.

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