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 Get more responses  with AI-personalized LinkedIn messaging

Be relevant to your prospects at scale.
Curate hyper-personalized connection requests instantly, automate follow-up, stand out from the noise.

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Supercharge LinkedIn outreach, without the effort

OneShot is the fastest way to incorporate shared personal and company profile data with your prospects into highly personalized InMail sequences.

Get started instantly:

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Visit any sales navigator profile

Generate personalization

Track & sequence follow-up


takes time and effort

        gets higher response rates

A personalized Li note gets:


higher acceptance rate vs cold email

One-click AI personalization saves:

14.5 hrs

per week on curation & follow-up

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Start more conversations, without burning your prospecting lists

You’re targeting the right prospects with Sales Navigator, but are you standing out to them?

Don't spam 99% of your prospects for that 1% response rate with cold email templates.

Never miss a follow-up

Staying on top of LinkedIn sequencing can be a headache.

OneShot syncs connection requests to Salesforce and automates follow-up reminders.

No more forgotten invites, no more lost touchpoints.

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Power your own
AI-driven templates

Leverage OneShot as a personal research assistant and inject your own dynamic pitches.

Combine all of LinkedIn's data points into fully customizable templates.

I am so happy to have stumbled on this solution as it honestly makes prospecting on LinkedIn so much easier. Before to draft a personalized message to connect took me at least 5 min - now I can do it with a few clicks from the AI suggestions. 

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Meda Psibilskyte
Account Executive, Cloudbees

Phenomenal. This solution has changed the way I used LinkedIn for prospecting. The AI generated messaging and follow up on LinkedIn is a game changer.

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Jon Hodgson
Regional Sales Manager, Lacework

What our users say:

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Less time on repetitive research, more time selling

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One-click personalization 

Natural language processing

Track & sequence Li follow-up

Build custom dynamic templates

Sync with Salesforce &

Best-in-class data security 

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AI power for sales reps


Scale relevancy across your buyer personas and combat prospecting fatigue.


We use OpenAI's GPT-3, prompted by proprietary information and fed by LinkedIn profile data. 


Leverage OneShot as your personal research assistant and create your own templates


Stay inside your workflow

​OneShot seamlessly integrates with your existing sales tools so you don't have to change your workflow. 

Capture and sync every LinkedIn connection to your CRM.

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Start Winning at LinkedIn prospecting

Get personal, get noticed.