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Automate the manual work  

80% of prospecting is manual work, discovery, research and messaging.  OneShot uses AI to automate this finding your ICP customers, researching and creating highly personalized messaging.

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1:1 sales personalization, without the effort

Transform the profile data and company information that you comb through daily into concise and highly effective messages - with 1 click.

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Bring true personalization to every stage of your sequences

Using Outreach or Salesloft?

Swap tired {first name} and {company name} with a lightening fast way to truly add relevance at every stage of your sequences.

Transform anything into an explosive sales message

Sales reps are busy. Research and crafting messages for relevancy takes time.

Power AI-personalized notes generated around the research you would be doing anyway. With data from LinkedIn, news sites, Crunchbase, annual reports, and more. 

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With OneShot:

30 seconds


takes time and effort but

starts more conversations


higher acceptance rate vs cold email

Without OneShot:

3 minutes

A personalized LinkedIn note gets:

I am so happy to have stumbled on this solution as it honestly makes prospecting on LinkedIn so much easier. Before to draft a personalized message to connect took me at least 5 min - now I can do it with a few clicks from the AI suggestions. 

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Meda Psibilskyte
Account Executive, Cloudbees

Phenomenal. This solution has changed the way I used LinkedIn for prospecting. The AI generated messaging and follow up on LinkedIn is a game changer.

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Jon Hodgson
Regional Sales Manager, Lacework

What reps are saying:

Our SDR team booked 33% of all outbound sourced meetings through AI-templates.

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Peter Whitehouse
Global Sales Director, Ohalo

Why sales teams use OneShot

Eliminate repetetive research

Boost rep productivity

Advance social selling

Power from any data source

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Add end-to-end personalization to your
workflow, without the effort

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