AI-Powered Sales Sequences

Ultra Personalized Outbound Sequences

Ditch the manual work and hyper-personalize your emails, cold-calling, and LinkedIn outreach.

Generating process by the AI
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Manual research & personalization is a waste of time.

Time Wasted: Over 3 hours per day spent on research
Low Response Rates: Response rates are plummeting
Generic Messages: Prospects ignore generic outreach

Hyper-personalize your outbound today,
all within your current workflow.

Personalize every step of every sequence.

Conduct deep research across LinkedIn, news, and annual reports.

Personalize your emails, LinkedIn, and cold calling.

Tailor pain points and value propositions per persona

We've fixed outbound so you can
increase productivity and results.

Boost productivity
Improve results
Focus on high-value work

Seamless integration
with your current
sales engagement platforms

The future of Outbound is AI.

AI Research

Comprehensive prospect research from hundreds of sources.

AI Messaging

Hyper-personalized messaging that drives results.


A unique website experience for every user based on their industry, account or them 

Seamless Integration

OneShot works within your existing sales engagement platform.

When prospecting, you only get oneshot. Make yours count.

You're in good company

Transform cold outreach into conversations that convert.
Open rates
Reply rates for cold prospecting
Meetings added per reps
Reply rates for cold prospecting
Open rates
Open rates
Reply rates for cold prospecting
more time for the reps to cold call