Uncover your hidden sales pipeline

The world’s first Revenue Delivery Platform integrating your core sales tools into a single solution

OneShot seamlessly integrates your core sales tools under one easy-to-use roof.


We slash the average prospecting journey from 1 hour to 1-2 minutes by helping sales reps easily find and then contact the most relevant hidden leads and accounts in their territories, all in one tool. OneShot’s machine learning-powered platform instantly boosts qualified sales pipeline and does the heavy lifting - so your sales reps don’t have to.

Surface the perfect sales leads for your organisation

OneShot finds the net-new leads and accounts you didn’t know were already there - as well as hidden cross-sell/upsell opportunities from existing customers. Our machine learning algorithm intelligently identifies relevant accounts, titles, industries and keywords based on your existing customers and their behaviors, then recommends whom to contact next, with all work taking place right in the OneShot platform.

One place for all Prospecting Activities

OneShot seamlessly integrates all of your existing sales tools, so your reps can easily access the best functionality from each.

Ideal Customer Profile

We’ll analyse and enrich your existing customer data applying machine learning to recommend whom to contact next.

Partnered with Leading Data Providers

With access to over 1.2bn unique profiles, we can surface brand new leads without having to move across multiple applications.

Targeted 1-click Outreach

With this instant pipeline generation, sales reps now have the time to create highly targeted, well-informed and personalized messaging.

Rapid deployment, rapid payback, real business impact.

Our machine learning algorithm intelligently shows your reps whom they should be contacting each day, with all activity taking place right in the OneShot platform - From initial lead identification to cadence creation. And with our pre-built library of API-powered integrations OneShot is up and running immediately.

Increase your pipeline today

Turn every rep into a top performer

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