Deep learning powered 

The first AI solution to automatically connect you to your perfect prospect.

OneShot solves the biggest issue around CRM data.


OneShot is a single platform that beautifully integrates the entire sales tool stack, from CRM to data providers to outbound email solutions. 
OneShot breaks down all of these siloed applications and data to surface a level of actionable insight that has never been seen in a sales solution.

Here's how we do it

AI CRM enhancement

OneShot’s AI engines clean, enrich and categorize all of your old, incomplete and unstructured data, unlocking the potential of your existing data.

AI surfaced leads

We work alongside the world's leading data platforms meaning that we now take your categorized data and surface the most relevant leads. 

AI based value messaging 

With the most detailed insights on your prospects, including key company and industry information, our AI engines automate the perfect value-based email ensuring the highest response rates.

Instant deployment and rapid payback

With instant integration to Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, ZoomInfo and many more, we're up and running instantly. Get started right away with our pre-built library of API-powered integrations.

Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) but like you've never seen before

OneShot’s unique AI matching algorithms analyse millions of data points to understand whom to contact and when. Our machine learning platform provides the deepest actionable insights on your current customers and prospects, allowing for the most targeted prospecting solution ever.

Instant deployment, instant leads

OneShot will show your reps who they should be contacting each day. Our machine learning engines become the heartbeat of your sales organisation, recommending the best leads and deploying the best messaging - almost guaranteeing new revenue.

Supercharge your account prospecting

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