Automate your Outbound

Use AI to put your prospecting on autopilot with OneShot


Build your outbound strategy without hiring


One time, for 3 months of prospecting

1,200 leads guaranteed

ICP identification & data report

Multi-channel outreach (Email & LinkedIn)

Email warming

1 hosted mailbox

Domain health

1 hosted domain

Personalized AI email writing


Ramp your existing outbound motion

Let's Talk

Everything in Validate, plus:

CRM integration (HubSpot or Salesforce)

Territory-specific leads

Dedicated customer success

Quarterly reviews


Reimagine sales development

Let's Talk

Everything in Scale, plus:

Named account prospecting

Inbound lead prospecting

Automated retargeting outreach

Personalized AI-powered messaging (text & video)

Outreach & Salesloft integration

Dedicated support representative

Monthly reviews

Choose the plan that's right for you

OneShot Validate

Built for early-stage companies and startups that haven't tested outbound as a growth channel.

Validate outbound as a growth strategy without hiring

Deliver personalized messages with zero effort

Zero impact on your primary domain

Pinpoint your ideal customer with data-driven precision

Determine which messaging is resonating with your buyer

All-in-one prospecting platform replaces expensive tools

OneShot Scale

Great for small sales teams looking to scale a proven outbound function without adding headcount.

Maximize the impact and efficiency of your reps

Automate 80% of manual prospecting work with AI

Increase open & response rates through A/B testing

Dynamically cover your TAM with lead generation powered by machine learning

Create more pipeline and book more meetings

OneShot Enterprise

Made for sales teams on the cutting edge. This is the future of outbound selling.

An AI SDR for each of your AEs

Remove all the manual work of prospecting

Hot leads delivered every day

Strategic account prospecting

Zero-effort inbound lead follow-up

Dynamically uncover new ICP opportunities

Revenue Leaders ❤️ OneShot

"We are scaling quickly and our TAM is huge, so we cannot effectively speak with everyone. OneShot has enabled us to conduct high-quality outbound communication without the need for additional hires, and also picks up on intent signals, so we know we are speaking to the right people."

Todd Michaud



"OneShot paid for itself in 3 months. It delivered high quality meetings and activities within our sweet spot to accounts we never even thought about. We have more closed/won business and a growing pipeline."

Todd Jenkins


"OneShot allowed our SDR team to focus on high value activities like cold calling or social selling. We doubled our results without increasing hiring."

David Stout

VP Sales


"OneShot’s ability to craft highly personalized, conversion-driving messages at scale has improved our open rates and saved my team countless hours. It’s more than a tool, it’s a game-changing strategic asset.”

Jay Madheswaran







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