AI prospecting platform for revenue teams.

Generate More Revenue From Outbound

Pinpoint ICP leads in buying mode. Conduct in-depth prospect and account research.

Generate highly relevant and personalized messaging—in minutes.

Ditch the spray and pray & start booking more meetings. This is your outbound on AI.

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Outbound costs are going up.
Outbound results are going down.


Prospects have switched off after years of being bombarded with generic spam


Email service providers are cracking down, making bulk cold email obsolete.


The ROI of outbound sales programs is getting harder and harder to justify.

Want to make outbound your most reliable GTM channel again?


Engage the right person with the right message at the right time. Every time.

  • Leverage best-in-class data to locate ideal prospects who are in the market
  • Run deep dive research on an account and contact level
  • Generate hyper-relevant outreach in seconds with advanced AI
Image showing's end-to-end prospecting capabilities by combining intent data from multiple sources and powerful generative AI.

How it Works combines data from multiple sources with generative AI to create hyper targeted and personalized outreach campaigns at scale.

Build your target list

Define your ideal customer profile from dozens of filters including company size, revenue, and tech stack.

Pinpoint engaged leads automatically searches dozens of data sources for ICP prospects in buying mode.

Deep dive research

Our AI scours contact and account information for background context and insightful nuggets.

Generate hyper-personalized messaging

Specially trained generative AI creates highly relevant messaging based on research insights.

Automatic outreach

Conduct multichannel outreach autonomously according to strict deliverability best practices.

Warm lead hand-off

Engaged prospects are delivered straight to your team to follow up with.

Analyze, optimize, repeat

Advanced machine learning continually optimizes campaigns based on performance.

Put your outbound on autopilot

Personalize at scale

The days of spray and pray are done. Personalization is table stakes for modern buyers. allows you to personalize each interaction with every prospect in seconds, at scale. Combine human ingenuity with the superhuman speed of AI to create outreach that opens opportunities.

An illustration showing's generative AI features and capabilities for producing high-quality prospecting messages at scale.
A snapshot of the platform showing success metrics and engaged leads.
Targeted, intentful prospecting

Replace generic cold emails with targeted warm outreach. locates and autonomously prospects ICP leads who display in-market behaviour, using these insights as context for timely and relevant messaging.

Automatically optimize campaigns

Advanced machine learning continuously monitors campaign engagement, doubling down on what’s working and scaling on what’s not.

Our AI learns about your business, your value propositions, and the pain points you solve, getting more intelligent as prospects interact with your outreach.

An illustration of the platform displaying campaign metrics in a neat dashboard.

Revenue Leaders ❤️ OneShot

"We are scaling quickly and our TAM is huge, so we can't effectively speak to everyone. OneShot has enabled us to conduct high-quality outbound communication without additional hiring. Plus with the intent signals, we know we are speaking to the right people."

Todd Michaud

CEO, Huloop

"OneShot paid for itself in 3 months. It delivered high quality meetings and activities within our sweet spot to accounts we never even thought about. We have more closed/won business and a growing pipeline."

Todd Jenkins

VP Sales EMEA,

"OneShot allowed our SDR team to focus on high value activities like cold calling or social selling. We doubled our results without increasing hiring."

David Stout

VP Sales, Appvance

"OneShot’s ability to craft highly personalized, conversion-driving messages at scale has improved our open rates and saved my team countless hours. It’s more than a tool, it’s a game-changing strategic asset.”

Jay Madheswaran

CEO, Butler

When prospecting, you only get one shot. Make yours count.


What do you need from me to set up?

We have an onboarding call where we can integrate your CRM and mailbox, we automatically identify your ICP, we also check any existing activity to make sure we don't prospect any customers or active leads.

How do you create messaging for my company?

We use AI to create all of our messages, but we go way beyond any generic messaging, we personalize subject lines, intros, pain points by persona or industry, OneShot was originally just a messaging platform used by thousands of the world's best SDRs.

We also personalize messages to each individual prospect based on any publicly available information like their LinkedIn profile. Our models are trained to sound natural and not like a bot.

What results can I expect?

We normally deliver above what your existing team are currently doing in terms of responses, we have experience across multiple industries and personas so have a good idea of what works for each one.

What happens when I get a response?

We deliver responses to you in real time when they come in, we feel there is no one better to respond than you.

How can I be comfortable with your send out?

We have a review process in place with all of our customers, you have access to the platform and can see everything from leads, messages and results, you can even fine tune our messaging models.

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