7 Next-Gen Sales Tech Tools RevOps Should Know About

Discover the next generation of B2B sales tech tools revolutionizing RevOps. From AI-powered prospecting platforms to fully customizable CRMs, these innovative solutions optimize the sales process, enhance engagement, and drive efficiency.

Dan Moran

B2B sales tech has reached a tipping point.

AI is everywhere, and there are new tools popping up daily. As a RevOps pro, it’s important to stay on top of the latest tools and trends that can help your reps do their jobs more efficiently and incorporate them into your tech stack.

But doing that… in this economy? Just keeping up with all that’s going on is a full time job.

The goal of this guide is to make it a little easier.

Here are 7 of the best up-and-coming sales tools worth keeping your eye on. These tools span the sales process spectrum from prospecting to onboarding and leverage the latest tech to make processes at each stage a little easier and more efficient.

As you work to separate the high-potential tools from those that are mostly hype, here are the most exciting new sales tech that RevOps pros can’t afford to sleep on.

Attio: Best Next-Gen CRM

Of all the sales tools in your tech stack, the CRM is arguably the most critical. But because it’s such a critical tool for pretty much every revenue team, the CRM category is also one of the most crowded.

Yet even in this huge market, there are up-and-comers poised to disrupt the established players. Primary among them is Attio.

Billed as the “CRM of the future”, Attio is a customer relationship management platform built on real-time data. Unlike other CRMs, Attio is fully customizable and built for collaboration, giving teams the freedom to design, develop, operate within a CRM built to their exact specifications.

Attio also has a 9.7 Ease of Use rating on G2, compared to the category average of 8.6.

Key Features

  • Flexibility and customization are the main selling points of this CRM, a key differentiator from out-of-the box alternatives
  • Attio syncs data from multiple sources across your business (product, billing, customer) meaning it’s capable of handling any business process, not just deals.
  • It’s built with real-time collaboration in mind, it’s a CRM with “multiplayer” functionality

Why you should pay attention

It takes a lot to cause a stir in the CRM market. Attio is doing just that by its fresh take on what a CRM should be. The emphasis on customization and collaboration has got people paying attention—they boast customers like Coca-Cola and OpenAI, and they just raised a $23.5M Series A.

OneShot: Best AI Prospecting Tool

Outbound sales has become one of the most bloated GTM functions—from a tech stack, process, and human capital perspective. 

And while it can be a fantastic channel to generate pipeline quickly, the sales reps tasked to do it can quickly get bogged down with tedious, time consuming manual work.

At OneShot, we’re changing that. We’ve built the first true end-to-end AI-powered prospecting platform designed to eliminate all the outbound busywork.

Key Features

  • Smart automation accelerates the entire prospecting process from finding leads to tracking results
  • Automatically search for high-intent signals and ICP lead contact information, eliminating the need for data providers
  • Generative AI creates hyper-relevant outreach at scale in seconds that massively reduces the time it takes to write cold emails
  • Intelligent delivery systems mean you land in the inbox every time and maintain domain health

Why you should pay attention

Among the numerous AI sales tools on the market, the vast majority are point solutions. Meaning they’re designed to solve one specific problem.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can be a lot to manage when your team relies on a different point solution (that don’t talk to each other) for every step in the process.

OneShot is an all-in-one prospecting platform that makes the entire outbound process more efficient—from defining your ICP, to finding good-fit leads, to writing compelling messages, sending cold emails, and booking demos.

Trumpet: Best Sales Engagement Platform

The way people buy software is changing. Today the best salespeople are the ones who take a collaborative approach, guiding their prospects through the buying journey.

No sales engagement platform exemplifies, or enables, this approach better than Trumpet

Their collaborative microsites enable salespeople to create personalized online spaces for each deal. For prospects, everything needed to make an informed decision is in one place, rather than spread across multiple email threads and documents. For reps, it creates visibility into how buyers are engaging throughout their entire journey.

Key Features

  • Reps can create on-brand, personalized pods for each prospect or account in minutes
  • Interactive mutual action plans keep all stakeholders informed of what’s happening
  • There are applications and use cases for all GTM stages—from cold outreach to deal execution to onboarding

Why you should pay attention

Buyer enablement is becoming a critical consideration in modern B2B sales.

Simply put, buying software is hard. Buyers need to balance multiple inputs from different internal stakeholders, be mindful of budget, and always keep their team’s needs and requirements front and center. 

Tools like Trumpet help make buying easier by laying out all the important information and next steps in one intuitive and well designed interface. As the way we buy software continues to evolve, tools that put the buyer’s needs first will come out on top.

Symbl:  Best Conversation Intelligence Tool

While this tool may be more focused on engineers, Symbl is certainly one to watch for sales and revenue operations leaders.

Their sales intelligence tool is built on Nebula, a proprietary large language model (LLM) designed to replicate human conversations that in turn can be used to create programmable coaching experiences.

In non-geek terms, this is some seriously deep AI tech. And it’s coming for the sales space.

Key Features

  • Sentiment analysis and call scoring helps sales and RevOps leaders identify top-performing reps, extract best practices, and teach them to new reps
  • An API-first approach allows technically proficient teams to build a revenue intelligence tool to their exact specifications—unlocking company-specific coaching experiences
  • Extensive integrations allows you to plug into the tools already in your tech stack

Why you should pay attention

Symbl’s mission is a noble one: to democratize access to conversational intelligence. In doing so they call out the limitations and rigidity of current conversational intelligence tools—think Gong, Chorus, Clari, etc. 

The market feels they’re in a good position to disrupt the category that Gong and Co. created—they’ve raised a total of $23.6M in funding over 5 rounds.

Synthesia: Best AI Sales Training Tool

When you venture out to the cutting edge of AI technology, you’ll find Synthesia.

Their AI avatars have a few use cases. But the one we’re focusing on is allowing RevOps and sales enablement pros turn boring PDFs and PowerPoints into engaging (albeit a little creepy) videos.

This massively expedites the time it usually takes to create training content by switching out expensive and lengthy video productions with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Key Features:

  • PowerPoint-style video editing means you can create engaging sales enablement videos with no editing experience
  • AI presenters can be toggled by appearance, accent, age, and gender.
  • Create voiceovers from text in 120+ languages. Plus it’s easy to edit scripts to keep videos up to date

Why you should pay attention

As one of the more established brands on this list, Synthesia are already making quite the splash in the age of AI.

Their tech is cutting edge, and has many potential use cases. They’ve also been praised by G2 as the #2 fastest growing product in 2023, and have raised over $150M in funding so far.

Otter AI: Best AI Note Taker

The best applications of AI are sometimes also the simplest.

In Otter AI’s case, they allow you and your reps to focus on the conversation with prospects and customers without the hassle of taking notes. 

Their AI-powered note taker sits quietly in the background, recording, transcribing, and creating a neat summary of the conversation.

Key Features

  • Automatic transcription and meeting summaries allow reps to respond quickly to customer requests
  • If you’re double booked, their OtterPilot can sit in on meetings for you, capturing a recording and summarizing what took place so you can catch up later
  • Integrates directly into the call software your reps use every day

Why you should pay attention

This tool is an illustrative example of AI taking on tasks no one likes (transcribing, sifting through recordings for impactful moments, creating summaries of meetings) so the humans can focus on what matters—in this case talking to prospects and customers. The potential for efficiency increase here is significant.

Oliv AI: Best AI Sales Assistant

Oliv AI analyzes sales call recordings to extract winning practices and common objections.

Alongside that, it automatically assesses whether or not reps are adopting and sticking to processes and playbooks—a constant struggle for RevOps pros.

According to the home page, the primary benefit of Oliv AI is to “clone your best sellers in no time.”

Key Features

  • Analyzes sales calls en masse to identify best practices from top performing reps that can be shared with the rest of the team.
  • Uses AI to automatically keep your playbooks, scripts, objection handles, and battle cards up to date as more data is collected.
  • Maintains CRM hygiene by automatically updating Salesforce, which, according to their website, saves reps 6 hours a week

Why you should pay attention

While still in the seed stage, Oliv boasts 800+ customers including Shopify and Thinkific and has raised ~$4M in funding so far.

Final Thoughts

In the fast-paced world of B2B sales tech, keeping track of the latest developments is no mean feat.

Yet it’s critical for RevOps pros to stay on top of the latest advancements, and how they could help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your GTM teams and processes.

From next-gen CRMs that are fully customizable to AI-powered prospecting platforms, the new wave of sales tech tools is poised to revolutionize the way sales teams operate. 

Hopefully this guide helped you think a little more clearly about which tools are the real deal and which are hype. 

It’s worth investing a little time exploring these up-and-coming solutions. As the B2B sales tech landscape continues to shift dramatically, staying updated on the new players will be a competitive advantage for any RevOps pro.

Dan Moran

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