Outreach x OneShot.ai: Power Up Your Sequences with AI

We’ve just released a mind-blowing integration that lets you add a big AI layer to your Outreach.io sequences. Now, we analyse your sequences, contacts and e-mails on Outreach, and then create a deep-research on each prospect. But that’s not all.

Ezzedine Cherif


If you've noticed your response rates aren't what they used to be, you're not alone. 

Many sales professionals face the same challenge, often tracing the root of the issue to the cumbersome, time-consuming task of manual prospect research. 

Each lead demands upwards of 15 minutes—a significant drain on resources when you're trying to scale your efforts. 

This prolonged research phase can slow down your sales cycle, increase the risk of reaching out with outdated information, and decrease the overall efficiency of your sales process.

Why Outreach.io x Oneshot.ai Matters

Navigating the sales landscape today means facing a couple of tough challenges head-on. Firstly, the sheer volume of data available can be overwhelming. 

Sales teams often find themselves sifting through vast amounts of information, trying to find those golden nuggets that could lead to a successful engagement.

Then there's personalization. 

We all know it's critical—after all, a personalized email can be the difference between a new client and a missed opportunity. 

But achieving true personalization is easier said than done. 

It's not just about using a prospect's name; 

it's about tailoring your message to meet their specific needs and interests, which requires up-to-date, detailed insights.

That's where our integration comes into play. 

By merging Oneshot.ai's deep learning capabilities with Outreach.io's robust communication tools, we're empowering sales teams to not only find but effectively use the rich data they need. 

This synergy ensures that every sales email is not just sent, but sent with precision and relevance.

How it works?

It starts with Oneshot.ai's AI digging deep into each of your contacts within Outreach.io. 

It scans through their public profiles, recent activities, and news related to their companies to gather comprehensive insights.

These insights then power up your Outreach.io sequences. 

Instead of generic follow-ups, imagine sending emails that reference a prospect's recent job change, comment on relevant industry news, or even suggest solutions based on their company's latest announcements. 

This level of personalization isn't just impressive; it's effective. 

The AI analyses patterns and optimizes suggestions, ensuring each message is tailored to resonate deeply with its recipient.

What it looks like?

Here's a shining example:

Why this email really hits the mark?

  • Professional Insights: Spotting Ravi's career progression from AVP to VP at Barclays requires not just LinkedIn browsing but deep understanding—something typically time-consuming if done manually.
  • Pinpointing Pain Points: The mention of specific challenges like high error rates during code integration directly addresses issues relevant to Ravi's role, showcasing the kind of personalization that typically takes hours of research.
  • Solution-Oriented: Proposing a tangible solution like Continuous Integration (CI) not only shows understanding but also readiness to solve those problems, turning a simple message into a compelling pitch.
  • Light-Hearted Personal Touch: Ending with a humorous note about automating his morning coffee routine adds a personal touch that makes the message memorable.

If doing this manually, researching and crafting such a detailed and personalized email could easily take over an hour per lead. 

Multiply that by 100 for broader campaigns, and you're looking at a daunting amount of time. 

With Oneshot.ai, this entire process—from research to crafting personalized emails—can be reduced to just a few clicks. 

Imagine the efficiency and the scale! 

Ready to speed up your sales process like never before?

Just book a demo here.

Ezzedine Cherif

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