Top 10 RevOps Experts to Follow for Actionable Advice

RevOps is on the rise, but staying updated is challenging. This article lists the 10 top RevOps experts offering valuable insights to navigate this dynamic field.

Dan Moran

So, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is RevOps is catching some serious momentum right now. 

Revenue operations roles consistently come out on top of lists of the fastest growing job titles. The RevOps function has transformed from obscure to business-critical in just a few years. RevOps pros (and the salaries they command) are rapidly climbing the ranks, with some starting to make it into the C-Suite.

The bad news is… RevOps is catching some serious momentum right now! 

In such a dynamic and fast-moving space, it can be damn near impossible to keep up with the latest tactics, strategies, and best practices.

To help you distinguish the signal from the noise, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best RevOps experts in the world today for you to follow and learn from. The experts on this list aren’t just fluffy thought leaders—their years of hands-on experience have placed them on the cutting edge of this emerging discipline. 

Through their blogs, podcasts, and LinkedIn profiles, that knowledge is there for the taking. Simply put, the actionable and relevant insights they share will help you do your job better.

So without further delay, here are ten expert RevOps thought leaders you need to follow.

Natalie Furness | CRO @ RevOps Automated

Natalie’s is on a mission: Eliminate revenue-throttling friction from the B2B buying experience.

As CRO at RevOps Automated, she implements strategies for her clients that are designed to do just—that day in, day out.

The good news for you is she regularly shares hard-won best practices and insights gained from her on-the-ground experience on LinkedIn. She’s also a sought-after podcast guest, and has shared her expertise on top B2B shows like the RevOps Review and the Martech Podcast.

Specializing in crafting end-to-end customer experiences, Natalie regularly posts about:

  • How to streamline operations by integrating low-code and no-code tools into your stack
  • All things HubSpot & Salesforce—she’s a certified pro in both
  • How to apply RevOps principles and best practices to build scalable revenue engines

If you’re looking for some inspiration and guidance on how to cut friction from your marketing, sales and service processes, following Natalie is a must. Find Natalie on LinkedIn here.

Matt Volm | CEO and Co-Founder @ RevOps Co-op

There are some people who just seem to have extra hours in a day. Matt Volm is one of those people.

Alongside co-founding and running RevOps Co-op, a community of RevOps pros around the globe, he is also the CEO and co-founder of his own startup, Atomic.

Before founding RevOps Co-op, Matt was VP of Business Operations at a rapidly growing tech company. After struggling with the unfamiliar role of revenue operations, he created a community online where fellow RevOps pros could benefit from collective knowledge and insights on the emerging field.

Today, the community is 10K+ strong and regularly hosts educational events and courses to help RevOps pros level up.

Matt’s infectious enthusiasm for building in public makes him a must-have addition for your LinkedIn feed. And it also reveals a universal truth: sometimes we’re all just figuring it out as we go. And the best way to do that is by sharing wins and learning from your peers. Find Matt on LinkedIn here.

Leore Spira | Head of Revenue Operations @ Buildots

A self-confessed RevOps geek, Leore Spira thrives under intense pressure and challenge of B2B SaaS.

With 10+ years of experience building profitable and sustainable revenue processes from the ground-up, Leore is always looking for game-changing ideas that have the potential to change the course of businesses and brands.

She’s also actively sharing her extensive knowledge on topics like:

  • How to successfully approach change management and implement new processes
  • Why AI is a superpower for RevOps pros and how to leverage it
  • How to grow sustainable career as a RevOps professional and avoid burnout

Alongside running RevOps at Buildots, Leore is a frequent podcast guest, co-founder of The Optimizers Community, and also writes her own blog.

Anne Pao | Founder and CEO @ Ignite Consulting

Anne is on a mission to democratize RevOps and go-to-market. She’s proving that the keys to scalable growth are accessible to everyone; not just the biggest companies with the deepest pockets.

After 20+ years driving performance at hypergrowth companies, both public and private, in 2023 she branched out on her own to found Ignite Consulting, a GTM and RevOps consulting firm.

Now, she shares her wealth of knowledge and deep experience as a SaaS buyer to help her clients create more efficient GTM functions. And she also shares her expertise regularly on LinkedIn, on topics ranging from:

  • How to build a strong go-to-market and RevOps foundation for predictable growth
  • Leading with care and creating an environment of empowerment, autonomy and inclusion
  • Navigating life as a working mom, and handling harassment and discrimination in the workplace

Named a RevOps leader to follow by both Chili Piper and SetSail, Anne is definitely one to watch. Find her on LinkedIn here.

Jeff Ignacio | Head of GTM Operations and Growth @ Regrow Ag

A staple on lists of must-follow RevOps thought leaders, Jeff Ignacio is constantly dispensing tactical and actionable ops advice to his 13k+ LinkedIn followers.

Equally at-home programming (he’s proficient in multiple languages) as he is building scalable GTM processes for high-growth companies, Jeff shares his deep experience on topics like:

  • Building, scaling, and automating revenue systems and sales processes 
  • How to prioritize tasks and balance the stringent requirements of being a RevOps pro
  • Getting Marketing, Sales, and CS teams on the same page and operating out of the same playbook

And a ton more. You can find him on LinkedIn here.

Before diving into RevOps, he held revenue leadership and finance positions at Google, AWS, and Visier. A prolific creator, Jeff publishes a weekly Substack, the RevOps Impact Newsletter, teaches several courses, and hosts the RevOps Review Podcast.

Anastasiia Binns | Head of RevOps at N.Rich

An up-and-coming voice in the space, Anastasiia Binns takes a no-fluff approach to implementing—and writing about—RevOps strategies.

Having built the RevOps function from scratch at four different companies, most recently at N.Rich, she’s well-qualified to talk to the ins and outs of what it takes to be a successful RevOps practitioner in the fast-moving world of B2B.

When it comes to her LinkedIn content, Anastasiia is a straight-shooter and isn’t afraid to share her opinion on:

  • Why some companies don’t need a full-time RevOps hire
  • How to encourage skeptical sales reps to adopt new processes and tech
  • The pros and cons of working at startups vs working at enterprise corporations

If you’re looking for advice and insight from someone who practices what she preaches every day, Anastasiia should be in your newsfeed. Find her on LinkedIn here (and keep an eye out Anastasiia on an upcoming episode of the OneShot Podcast).

Rosalyn Santa Elena | Founder @ The RevOps Collective

Rosalyn Santa Elena is a leading voice in the world of RevOps. As a speaker, advisor, community leader, and thought leader, her mission is to elevate the profession of RevOps and those who practice it.

She believes RevOps is the key strategic differentiator for any business, and is passionate about building a community of empowered and impactful professionals.

By following Rosalyn, you’ll learn:

  • GTM & RevOps strategies and best practices optimize the customer journey from end-to-end
  • Professional coaching and training tips for RevOps leaders
  • A sneak peak into her toolkit she leans on to build, scale, and grow end-to-end revenue infrastructure

Alongside her role as Chief Revenue Operations Officer at The RevOps Collective, which she also founded, Rosalyn is also the host of the Revenue Engine Podcast. You can find her on LinkedIn here.

Eddie Reynolds | CEO and RevOps Strategy Consultant @ Union Square Consulting

Eddie Reynolds ain’t operating in a silo.

As a RevOps consultant who himself markets, sells, and works to retain and grow customers, he knows what it takes to unite these functions—because he’s walking the walk every day himself.

During his time as an account executive at Salesforce, Eddie sold into hundreds of B2B SaaS startups. This gave him a unique insight into how the fastest growing companies in the world build scalable revenue systems—insights that he now shares as a consultant and also with his 27k+ followers on LinkedIn.

For every from nitty gritty, in the weeds tactical advice all the way to macro analysis about what’s going on in the world of SaaS, Eddie’s got a unique perspective that any RevOPs pro would find insightful.

Alongside running his consulting business where he provides strategic RevOps as a service and keeping active on LinkedIn, Eddie also writes The RevOps Weekly Newsletter, and hosts the RevOps Corner podcast.

Jordan Henderson | Director of RevOps @ The Riverside Company

Another practicing RevOps leader/thought leader, Jordan Henderson is an awesome addition to your newsfeed.

As the Director of Revenue Operations at The Riverside Company, Jordan practices what he preaches every day, so you know his insights are timely and relevant. He also advises several SaaS companies, meaning he’s got the inside track on several high-growth revenue programs.

Follow Jordan if you’re into:

  • Tactical ops advice on things like lead scoring, hiring and getting hired, and evaluating/implementing new tech
  • Working cross functionally and aligning Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Finance
  • Some of the best sales memes in the game. Case in point:
Image credit: Jordan Henderson

How’s that for timely/relevant content!?

Jared Robin | Co-Founder @ RevGenius

Jared Robin is the brains behind the uber popular online community for Sales, Marketing, RevOps, and CS pros, RevGenius.

He’s on a mission to build the go-to space for forward-thing revenue professionals. On LinkedIn, Jared shares his own experience as a revenue professional alongside his unique and thought-provoking insights on the future of B2B GTM.

A big proponent of community, his dedication to the craft shows—RevGenius has grown to 36k members in only two years.

RevOps pros will benefit from following Jared because, through sharing how he’s building RevGenius, he’s providing a masterclass on community-led growth. He also regularly shares insights and best practices from top revenue leaders he interviews as the host of the Revenue Today podcast.

Check out Jared on LinkedIn here.

Dan Moran

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