How Cygnetise uses OneShot to add another channel to their outreach

"OneShot got us meetings we wouldn’t have got otherwise, it’s very intuitive and we could cover ground from a social selling POV very quickly."
Damien Bell
Business Development Director, Cygnetise

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Key outcomes

  • Enabled end-to-end personalization for LinkedIn invites and follow-up touches
  • Saved 4 minutes on personalized notes per note to each LinkedIn contact
  • Booked 4 additional meetings per rep within first 2 weeks

The problem

“Everyone loves sequences, you can’t get things done without them, but there is a natural tendency to focus too much on the ICP criteria you are filtering with, at the expense of actually demonstrating relevance to the human you want to talk to.”

The inflection point came down to personalization. The best results, i.e. conversations, come from writing individual notes to prospects. But demonstrating the level of relevance required here demands two things: time spent researching and messaging quality.

As Damian put it,

“In effect it was solving for an efficiency problem: how to speak to more people affected by the problem we are trying to solve without sacrificing relevancy for volume.”

It is a common balance that every rep finds themselves striking, and one that OneShot is poised to help with.

The benefit

From there, they had the option of AI recommendations to continue the path of engagement in the most receptive way for any given prospect - this ranged from further hyper-personalized call-outs, to suggestions for engaging on a recent post on the prospect’s recent activity.

Every touchpoint was hyper-personalized, and yet in every touchpoint they weren’t really selling, here’s how Damian explains it:

“We were able to reach more people and establish whether they are interested or not in a less intrusive way”

And the results?

Within the first few weeks of using OneShot, they were already netting results.

“OneShot got us meetings we wouldn’t have got otherwise, it’s very intuitive and we could cover ground from a social selling POV very quickly."

The end result

Rather than replacing tools in their existing stack, the Cygnetise team used OneShot to enhance their bandwidth of reach. This was taken to its logical conclusion for that perennial prospecting touchpoint:

the cold call.

“We don’t see OneShot or Social Selling as replacing cold-calling, in fact it’s really great for warming up cold calls.”

By removing the spammy nature of messaging that sequencing high volumes of prospects sometimes necessitates, Cygnetise were able to seamlessly scale a softer, more relevant approach that appreciated the social context of LinkedIn.

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