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We know that modern sales organizations struggle to overcome the complexity and inefficiencies that come from using multiple applications to manage and optimize their daily sales operations. We’ve been there ourselves, and we’re here to solve it.

Our co-founders come from a combined 25-year technology and sales background. Having built senior careers at Salesforce and other leading tech firms, the two found that today’s combination of multiple prospecting and outreach tools is just too cumbersome to efficiently & effectively uncover net-new leads and accounts. This strongly contributes to the fact that 57% of today’s sales reps miss their quota.

OneShot is on a mission to help sales teams uncover their hidden pipeline, by surfacing the net-new leads and accounts they didn’t know were already there - as well as hidden cross-sell/upsell opportunities from their existing customers. OneShot’s machine learning algorithm intelligently identifies relevant accounts, titles, industries and keywords based on existing customers and their behaviors, then recommends whom to contact next, with all work taking place right in the OneShot platform - from initial lead identification to cadence creation.

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