Eliminate prospecting busywork

OneShot is the autonomous outbound platform that automates the tedious manual prospecting work dominating your rep’s days.

We put outbound on autopilot, so salespeople can go back to building genuine relationships and providing value to customers.

How it works

Stop wasting time on prospecting tasks that can—and should—be automated. Start getting back to actually selling.

Email & Domain Health

We establish infrastructure & best practices so your outreach goes where it’s supposed to.

ICP Lead Sourcing

Forget paying for multiple data providers. OneShot partners with industry leaders so you don't have to.

AI-Generated Messaging

True personalization at scale is here. Generative AI creates highly personalized messaging in seconds.

Reinforcement Learning

Our intelligent platform is continuously testing, learning, and improving.

Started by Sales and Deep Tech Veterans

OneShot’s founders bonded over a simple idea: outbound selling is broken.

The spray and pray, quantity-over-quality approach to prospecting burns out salespeople, frustrates leadership, and annoys potential buyers.

So rather than sit back and wait for things to change, Gautam and Venki combined their enterprise sales experience and deep technical know-how and decided to do something about it.

Harnessing the latest in machine learning and generative AI technology, they created OneShot—the first true end-to-end autonomous prospecting platform.

Now, OneShot is helping sales teams leave tedious manual work in the past and embrace the future of outbound selling.

Our Mission

We believe there’s a better way to do outbound sales.

One where sales reps aren’t spending their most productive hours buried in tedious research.

One where the only solution for sales leaders was more: more headcount, more activity, more work.

One where prospects aren’t bombarded with generic outreach messaging in the sake of hitting a number.

We also believe AI is the greatest tool for salespeople since the internet—one that will empower genuine, thoughtful outreach modern buyers expect and deserve.

Our Vision

Imagine every salesperson has their own personal AI co-pilot supporting them to do the best work of their career. That’s the future we’re striving for.

Our Commitment

We are committed to building safe, responsible technology that prioritizes people over everything else and meaningfully contributes to the profession of sales and those who practice it.

Backed by the best

Ready to put your outbound on autopilot?