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With 25+ years of experience in sales and tech, we strive to solve the biggest problems faced by sales teams.

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OneShot helps sales teams succeed

Unified platform for sales teams everywhere

We know that sales organizations struggle with the complexity and inefficiencies of multiple applications for their sales operations. We’ve been there ourselves, and today we are solving it.

OneShot finds accounts, titles and keywords by learning from existing customers and their behaviors. It helps Sales reps prioritize their outreach and build cadences, with all the work happening within OneShot.

More prospects and 

personalized outreach

With, our active-sales platform, sales teams uncover hidden pipeline with net-new leads they didn’t see before, and even discover cross-sell & upsell opportunities from existing customers. 

Connecting sales reps to high-relevance prospects

We bring 25+ years of sales and tech expertise in senior roles at Salesforce & top tech firms. We saw that multiple sales tools create hurdles that cause 57% of reps to miss their quota! OneShot solves this pain.

Technology for sales pros, built by sales pros

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Our mission: Help sales teams succeed by building tools that are
smart and easy to use.

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