How Drovo’s first outbound sales executive booked 35 meetings in 3 months

"Our goal was to find a solution that allowed us to reach thousands of prospects quickly without compromising on the personalized touch that our brand is known for"
Guglielmo Riva
Head of Growth

Drovo is the UK's largest moving media network, known for its innovative approach to out-of-home advertising. It leverages data-driven strategies and advanced technology to maximize advertising effectiveness and reach.

  • Industry: Advertising Services 
  • Location: London, England
  • Size: 50 employees
  • Website:

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Since its inception in 2016, Drovo has emerged as a leader in data-driven online advertising, utilizing advanced AI algorithms to optimize ad performance across multiple platforms. 

Key to their strategy are innovations like real-time bidding adjustments and predictive analytics, which have substantially improved ad efficiency.

Drovo's growth underscores their ability to engage a vast Total Addressable Market (TAM) effectively without proportionally increasing their workforce. 

In response to the need for scalable and impactful messaging to maintain their brand integrity, Drovo partnered with 

This collaboration has refined their strategy, enhancing their outreach capabilities and solidifying Drovo's stature in the digital marketing industry.


As a leading advertising company, Drovo's core objective has been to maintain a compelling brand message while scaling their outreach to a vast Total Addressable Market (TAM) without significantly expanding their team.

"Our challenge was to amplify our reach while preserving the integrity of our branding," remarked Drovo's Head of Growth.

Drovo found it challenging to engage a wide audience efficiently. The need for personalized, impactful messaging at scale was paramount to penetrate diverse markets effectively. 

"We had to innovate our approach to connect meaningfully with potential clients across the UK,"  Guglielmo added.

The company sought an AI-driven solution that could handle large-scale operations seamlessly. They needed a system that was not only easy to integrate but also capable of learning their unique value propositions and customer pain points rapidly.

"Our goal was to find a solution that allowed us to reach thousands of prospects quickly without compromising on the personalized touch that our brand is known for," stated Drovo's Head of Growth, Guglielmo Riva.

This led them to partner with, a move that promised to address their strategic challenges effectively.


After assessing multiple tools to tackle their unique challenges, Drovo selected for its comprehensive and innovative capabilities. distinguished itself with features such as AI-driven insights into customer pain points and value propositions, alongside its ability to rapidly scale personalized outreach efforts.

This solution seamlessly integrated into Drovo’s existing systems, enabling them to engage thousands of prospects effectively and efficiently. 

The implementation saw a significant boost in key performance indicators, notably in open rates and meetings booked with some of the world's leading brands.

Drovo's Head of Growth highlighted the transformative impact of the solution, stating,

" enabled us to maintain our brand integrity while dramatically scaling our outreach capabilities. It's been pivotal in our ability to secure high-value meetings and expand our market presence."

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