How HuLoop Is Building a Multichannel Demand Generation Machine With AI

"As a rapidly growing startup, we face specific challenges. Namely around elevating awareness of our company, building pipeline, and making our sales cycle shorter and more efficient. OneShot helps us tackle all three challenges with AI and automation. So far, it’s been pretty damn good."
Todd Michaud
CEO @ HuLoop

HuLoop is an AI-powered, no-code platform offering cutting-edge hyperautomation solutions that eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks, delivering enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and boosted revenue.

  • Founded: 2022
  • Company size: 35
  • Stage: Seed
  • Funding: $4M
  • HQ: Auburn, California, United States
  • Industry: SaaS
The Challenge
HuLoop, a rapidly growing startup in the Intelligent Automation space, struggled with raising industry awareness with the right accounts in a huge addressable market, generating a robust sales pipeline, and modernizing their outreach strategies amidst a noisy, complex sales landscape.
The Outcome
OneShot's AI-powered automation boosted HuLoop's industry profile and sales pipeline through personalized outreach strategies and multi-channel insights. By streamlining their sales process, OneShot helped HuLoop use their human capital more effectively, nurturing a productive partnership focused on innovation and growth.

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HuLoop Automation faced a challenge all startups are familiar with: How do we get our innovative tech in front of the right people at the right time?With aggressive growth targets to hit and a massive TAM to pursue, Todd Michaud, HuLoop CEO and sales technology veteran, knew he needed a sophisticated approach.“We could have hired a team of sales development reps to handle cold calls or manual cold emails, or do classic LinkedIn outreach,” he says. “But these activities are robotic. We believe in account-based sales and marketing and personalizing messages for targeted personas. These old methods and strategies from past decades no longer work given the noise in today's market.”With the success of the early-stage company on the line, Michaud knew he needed to create an outbound strategy that broke through the noise.That’s where OneShot came in.OneShot helped Michaud and the HuLoop team build an AI-powered, end-to-end autonomous outreach strategy across multiple channels resulting in increased awareness and demand among key accounts and ICP personas.

Before OneShot – The Challenge

Alongside common early-stage priorities like finding product-market fit and refining messaging that resonates with prospects, HuLoop was consistently coming up against three specific challenges:

  1. Raising awareness of their game-changing technology in a large and hyper-competitive market
  2. Building a substantial pipeline of ICP leads
  3. Reducing sales cycle length and making the sales process more efficient and predictable

And it wouldn’t be a true startup without the additional burden of solving all of the above (and much more) with limited resources, human capital, and runway.As a seasoned sales leader-turned CEO, Michaud understood the power of outbound sales to raise awareness and generate demand and pipeline. Yet applying decades-old, ineffective outreach tactics was never going to work when taking a sophisticated, cutting-edge technology product to market.“HuLoop represents the next generation in intelligent automation platforms, aiding organizations in automating tasks that can spare employees from repetitive work,” says Michaud.Traditional outbound selling, which is laden with tedious and repetitive tasks, was a no go.

How OneShot Modernized HuLoop’s Outbound

Michaud knew that to generate demand and build pipeline at scale with limited resources and budget, he had to leverage technology rather than outdated techniques.With OneShot’s powerful generative AI capabilities, HuLoop’s small team has the ability to automate personalized, relevant outreach and landing pages for each prospect. They can connect with potential buyers across multiple channels without time-consuming research and admin work.

“OneShot plays a critical role in our multi-touchpoint approach.”

“While you could replicate many of OneShot's functions with a sales dev team,” he says, “ it would be considerably more expensive and dependent on hiring the right people who are proficient at their job.”Compared to building an outbound sales team, Michaud found OneShot was faster and simpler to implement. Once operational, it produced fewer errors and performed tasks more effectively.Beyond cost and time savings, the ability to encode decades of collective experience into a smart, automated platform convinced him OneShot was the way forward.

"With OneShot, we are able to utilize the expertise of our senior team and have and encapsulate that knowledge into a platform that executes for us. It's similar to training a business development team, but now we're instructing a platform."

It’s not just the tech that drew Michaud and the HuLoop team to OneShot.“One notable point about working with OneShot is their people. At HuLoop, we value good relationships and wish to work with people who care about us. Our interactions with OneShot's team have shown us shared values in terms of customer service and dedication,” he says.

The Outcome: Multichannel Personalized Outreach at Scale

As HuLoop establishes itself as a category leader in the hyperautomation space, establishing a message that both resonates with potential buyers and positions them as thought leaders was a top priority.OneShot enabled them to test messaging at scale among good-fit personas, retaining the core idea while making each message unique and personalized to the person receiving it.“As we engage more broadly with the market, part of our learning process, especially with OneShot as a key partner, is tuning our messaging and ensuring it works and resonates. This is a data-driven process.”For Michaud, the primary benefit of OneShot is how it frees up the most valuable and finite resource of any business: human capital.With the repetitive, tedious aspects of prospecting being taken care of by intelligent automation, HuLoop’s go-to-market team can focus on high-value activities that drive real growth.

“Selling involves persuading customers to take actions they wouldn't otherwise take. It's about convincing them of the potential benefits of a product or solution. It requires establishing trust and confidence. That's a fantastic use of human capital."

With OneShot autonomously generating demand for HuLoop’s solution, the team can focus resources on converting it into revenue. This shift allows HuLoop to hire full-time employees for inherently human tasks AI can't perform—like building genuine, trusting relationships with customers.“As a young organization, the question we always ask is: What tasks do we want our human capital to focus on, and what tasks would we prefer they didn't? As far as sales development is concerned, OneShot is making our answer to that question a reality,” says Michaud.

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