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The OneShot Podcast

sales leaders in conversation

Grab a pen and paper, people still use them right? Get ready, because this is going to get interesting...

OneShot brings you the opportunity to have a listen to what some of the best salespeople in the business have to say about all things sales development.

From personalization in prospecting to tricks on how to get the best out of cold calling, we seriously recommend you to have a listen and drink from their fountain of wisdom.

Ready, set, play!

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AJ Alonzo in conversation

Episode 6: AJ Alonzo

Director of Marketing @ demandDrive

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Alex Harris in  conversation

Episode 5: Alex Harris

Account Executive at Terminus

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Alex Alleyne in conversation

Episode 4: Alex Alleyne

Regional Sales Manager EMEA, Lacework

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Jan Mundorf in conversation

Episode 3: Jan Mundorf

Team Lead Rev. Development, Albacross

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Thibaut Souyris in conversation

Episode 2: Thibaut Souyris

CEO and Founder at SalesLabs

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Ben Smith in conversation

Episode 1: Ben Smith

BDR Manager at Reachdesk

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