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Show prospects you've done the research, every time

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Spammy automation and {insert personalization here} demands an upgrade.

Scale your personalization on the actual details that speak to prospects and make sure every touchpoint is
unique to them.

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OneShot features

Instant suggestions

Make it personal in 1-click

Combat prospecting fatigue and instantly generate messaging for any persona.

OneShot's Chrome Extension means you can create instant suggestions without ever leaving your existing workflow.

Data sources

Cut the fluff: include any information source

Demonstrate relevancy out of any person or company information source to create explosively engaging touchpoints.

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Multi channel

Send across any channel

Redefine how you connect with prospects and send, sequence, and customize with hyper-personalization at every single touchpoint.

AI recommendations

Follow-up intelligence that nails your next best action

OneShot helps you to prioritize who, when and where to follow-up with.

Automate follow-up reminders, and get AI suggestions for your next-best action to re-engage.

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Applying AI

Reveal email address
Personalized email suggestions
Personalized InMail suggestions
Engage on recent LinkedIn activity

Add action to sequence

Create a templat