Meet Your New AI-Powered Superprospector

OneShot is the only true end-to-end autonomous prospecting platform designed to put your outbound on autopilot.

Eliminate time-consuming outbound admin work with advanced generative AI and machine learning

Infrastructure & Deliverability

Land in the inbox every time without damaging your domain.

Identify ICP

We work in the background to uncover potential opportunities.

Sourcing Contact Data

Instant access to best-in-class data without paying expensive providers.

Personalized Messaging

Hyper-relevant outreach at scale in seconds, powered by Chat-GPT.

Lead Hand-Off

We set 'em up, you knock 'em down. Warm leads delivered to reps daily.

Continuous Results Analysis

Intelligent machine learning systems help you see what's working.

Intelligent Delivery System

Avoid irreversible domain damage while improving outbound KPIs

Our AI platform adheres to strict email deliverability best practices so you’ll never need to worry about damaging your domain or being flagged as SPAM.

  • Regular domain and mailbox health check-ups
  • Automatic email warming, mailbox rotation, and throttling
  • Track email deliverability, inbox placements, and SPAM rates
ICP Lead Generation

AI works in the background to pinpoint high-value contacts

OneShot uses machine learning to find ideal potential customers by locating intent signals that go way beyond generic demographics.

  • Automatically track high-value signals that matter to your business
  • Connect your CRM to instantly locate lookalike opportunities
  • We partner with best-in-class data providers so you don’t have to
Best-in-Class Data

All the data, all in one place

OneShot has all your data bases covered. Our smart algorithm searches for publicly available information on your target prospects, and we partner with multiple data providers so you don’t have to.

  • Stop paying a fortune for multiple data providers
  • No need to lock yourself into lengthy, expensive contracts
  • Our diverse data sources means we can get hyper-specific with your targeting
AI-Powered Personalized Messaging

Achieve true personalization at scale with generative AI

OneShot uses GPT-4 technology to create highly relevant outreach messaging. Create messages that get responses without hours of manual research.

  • AI writes personalized cold emails in seconds, you approve or regenerate
  • OneShot's intelligent platform stick to tried-and-tested cold email best practices
  • Match or beat your current reply rates without lifting a finger
Warm Lead Hand-Off

New ready-to-buy leads every day

No one’s better suited to follow up than ready to buy prospects than you and your sales reps.OneShot gathers all your warm leads in one place, handing them off to you when prospects are ready to have that buying conversation.

Continuous Analysis & Improvement

Understand exactly what's working and why

Advanced machine learning algorithms conduct continuous deep-dive analysis so you can quickly identify and double down on success.

  • Hot leads delivered daily to your sales reps
  • See who is engaging with your outreach and why
  • Continually refine your ICP

How it works

OneShot uses AI & machine learning to pinpoint ideal leads and generate highly personalized, ChatGPT-powered messaging.

Book more qualified meetings without lifting a finger. It’s prospecting on autopilot.

Email Warm Up

OneShot builds out mailbox infrastructure to ensure your outreach goes where it's supposed to: the inbox.

ICP List Building

You let us know what your ideal customer looks like. OneShot does the rest.

Create Messages

Our Chat-GPT-powered generative AI systems create hyper personalized messaging for you to review.

Go Live

Watch in real-time as your first automated OneShot campaign rolls out.

Warm Lead Handoff

Get notified as soon as qualified prospects raise their hand to talk to your sales team.

Continuous Improvement

Our intelligent platform continually optimizes campaigns to identify new areas of opportunity.

Hyper-growth companies scaling with OneShot

"I’ve built several outbound teams. Hiring, training, and retaining can be incredibly challenging. OneShot solves these challenges and compliments the team to increase results."


Todd Jenkins

VP of Sales @

"I could spend 30 minutes on an email, that will hit end up in SPAM. But with OneShot they take care of that: they make sure the email hits the inbox & they personalize it to stand out."

Jon Hodgson

Sales Manager @ Lacework

Ready to put your outbound on autopilot?