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Effortless prospecting with incredible relevance

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Spammy automation and templated cold email tactics demand an upgrade.
Use a more personal, native approach that scales on quality.

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OneShot features
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Highly Personalized Messaging 

OneShot creates the perfect message for you that resonates with your prospects, prospects are 3x more likely to respond using OneShot.

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AI Templates

The OneShot chrome extension automatically captures your leads and messages so you don't have to, you find the lead we do the work.

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AI Follow Up

OneShot surfaces the hottest leads for follow up, never lose a lead ever again.

AI messaging

One-click personalization

Combat prospecting fatigue and instantly generate messaging for any persona.

We use OpenAI's GPT-3 for natural langauge processing, prompted by proprietary information and LinkedIn profile data.


Stay on top of connection requests

Staying on top of LinkedIn connection requests can be headache.

OneShot tracks them for you and automates follow-up reminders.

No more forgotten invites, no more lost touchpoints.