Email & Domain Health

Land your cold emails in your prospect’s primary inbox every time

Wave goodbye to the spam folder. OneShot’s intelligent delivery system gets you set up for outbound success.

Email deliverability and domain health aren’t just IT’s problem.

Poor deliverability decreases engagement, shrinks your reach, and tanks cold email campaigns.

Forget replies. Prospects never even see your message because it’s stuck in spam.

Irresponsible cold emailing has company-wide implications—like ruining your domain reputation.

Meet OneShot

Get set up for cold email success with OneShot's intelligent delivery system

  • Automated Email Warming: Build a strong sender reputation.
  • Intelligent Infrastructure: Automatically rotate domains & mailboxes to maximize deliverability.
  • Verified Contact Data: Best-in-class data minimizes bounces and ensures your messages go to who they're supposed to.
  • AI-Powered Personalization: Hyper-relevant messaging free of duplicates and spam trigger words at scale.
  • DMARC, DKIM & SPF Verification: We handle the authentication protocols so you don't have to.
  • Continuous Results Analysis: Automated background A/B testing so you can see what's resonating.
AI-Powered Messaging

Personalize at scale. Avoid the SPAM filter.

Email service providers penalize duplicates.

OneShot's advanced generative AI personalizes every email to each prospect, and automatically filters out SPAM trigger words.

Create outreach your prospect (and their email clients) love, at scale.

Built-In Best Practices

Intelligent email architecture from the start

Our platform automatically adheres to strict email deliverability best practices so your outreach lands in your prospect’s inbox instead of the SPAM folder.

  • Automated domain switching protects the reputation of you primary domain
  • Mailbox rotation increases the volume of cold emails you can safely send
  • Email throttling keeps your campaigns worry-free by ensuring activity stays within strict limits
Domain Health

Prioritize your hard-won domain reputation without impacting results

  • Authentication protocols are automatically verified and maintained
  • Regular domain and mailbox health check-ups
  • Alternate domains are automatically redirected to your primary domain

How OneShot works

Advanced AI and machine learning supercharges and automates every prospecting task.


AI reduces research time from hours to seconds.


Tailor each message to every prospect.


Craft the perfect message every time.


Expert outbound marketers QA every message.


Reach out on a proven cadence optimized for replies.


Automatically learn what's resonating & continuously optimize.

Leave the prospecting grunt work to AI. Focus on connecting with people.


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