AI Research & Messaging

Your new superhuman cold outbound co-pilot.

Leverage the power of AI to create hyper-personalized outreach at scale that stands out and gets responses.

Your cold emails are being deleted.

Prospects have developed mental spam filters. Anything that looks automated gets instantly deleted.

Personalization is the only way to break through the noise. But doing it right is super time consuming.

Increasing volume won’t fix declining metrics. But it will land you in the spam folder.

Want your team focused on results, not research?
Meet OneShot

Craft the perfect message every time and achieve true personalization at scale with AI

  • Your AI-powered prospecting co-pilot
  • Create hyper-personalized outreach at scale without lifting a finger
  • Machine learning continuously optimizes campaigns in the background
AI-Powered Research

Find what you need to resonate in seconds

Stop spending hours researching every prospect you reach out to.

OneShot’s advanced AI leverages publicly available information to conduct extensive research, uncovering relevant insights faster and more comprehensively than a human can do manually.

  • Integrated with LinkedIn, G2, Crunchbase & dozens of other sources
  • Automatically identify trigger events
  • Eliminate tedious, repetitive research work for your team
Zero-Touch Personalization

Hyper-relevant outreach

Personalization is table stakes for cold outbound. Doing it at scale is finally a reality.

Generative AI uses the information gathered in the research phase to autonomously craft messages tailored for each prospect.

  • Appeal to relevant pain points without hours of research
  • Automatically adjust tone based on seniority and personality
  • Create compelling messages in seconds (that people respond to)
  • Adhere to proven cold email best practices
ML-Powered Optimization

Understand what’s driving results

Experiment with your outbound approach and scale results at a superhuman pace. Explore new industries, tap into fresh personas, and fine-tune your messaging for maximum impact. All on autopilot.

  • Machine learning algorithms learn from past successes and failures to continually optimize your outreach.
  • Autonomously test and validate different personas, industries, and markets with tailored messaging for specific segments.
  • Learn what resonates and double down.

How OneShot works

Advanced AI and machine learning supercharges and automates every prospecting task.


AI reduces research time from hours to seconds.


Tailor each message to every prospect.


Craft the perfect message every time.


Expert outbound marketers QA every message.


Reach out on a proven cadence optimized for replies.


Automatically learn what's resonating & continuously optimize.

Leave the prospecting grunt work to AI. Focus on connecting with people.

"Researching and writing a good cold email used to take my reps 30 minutes each time. With OneShot, we can replicate that same quality approach on a much larger scale."

Todd Jenkins

Sales Director @ Hackajob


How can I be sure the AI-generated messages will be up to my standards?

Every message undergoes a thorough review process, including human Quality Assurance checks, customer reviews, and an AI-powered formatting tool that eliminates inappropriate content. We also monitor performance through open and response rates. We're committed to maintaining the high standards of outreach you expect while offering efficiency through automation.

How is OneShot different from other generative AI tools like ChatGPT?

Unlike more generalized AI solutions such as ChatGPT, OneShot is engineered to specialize in outbound outreach.

Our AI models are trained to perform and excel a specific set of tasks required for good outbound, like researching, personalization, writing cold emails, and monitoring & optimizing performance.

In contrast to other AI tools which are usually proficient at performing a wide range of general tasks, OneShot is tuned to excel at one: outbound prospecting.

How can your AI understand my company's unique needs?

Our understanding of your company is built during a custom onboarding process. Our outbound experts take the time to learn about your business, your unique selling propositions, case studies, and relevant points. OneShot can also integrate with your CRM to autonomously learn about your current pipeline and customers.

The onboarding process involves specific discussions around your messaging preferences and needs. These sessions typically last one to two hours and allow us to gather all the information necessary to autonomously craft messages that accurately represent your business and its offerings.

While AI technology forms a major part of our platform, we acknowledge it isn't 100% perfect. That's why we supplement it with the expertise of outbound professionals who ensure that your company's unique value is effectively communicated in each message. This combination of AI technology and human expertise allows us to deliver high-quality, personalized messages that align with your company’s standards and goals.

How soon can we expect to see results after implementing OneShot?

About four weeks.

There are four main phases before you go live for your first automated campaign:

  1. Email warming – so all your outreach goes where it’s supposed to
  2. ICP selection and list building – to target who you’ll reach out to
  3. Messaging – build your emails and sequences with AI
  4. Go live – kick-off your first campaign

We use this time to ensure you are set up for successful prospecting.

Can OneShot be integrated with our existing CRM or sales platform?

Yes. OneShot can be integrated with Salesforce and HubSpot CRMs.

We set up this integration to ensure we do not target current customers or prospects already in active deals. We can also use the data in your CRM to prospect for lookalike leads.

What happens when we get a response?

No one is better suited to respond than you! You are notified as a prospect responds so you can take it from there.