ICP Lead Sourcing

Duplicate your ideal customers

Define your dream customer, let AI locate real-world counterparts from dozens of data sources, and automatically refine your approach as the market shifts.

It takes too long to find good leads.

Your TAM is huge, but only a tiny fraction of the market is ready to buy. It’s hard to pivot quickly when no one responds.

Looking for leads often stops at job title and company, ignoring dozens of signals that indicate someone’s in the market.

Reps are wasting time sifting through inaccurate, unorganized data that's distributed across different systems.

Want to find (and keep finding) great-fit leads in a fraction of the time?
Meet OneShot

Reimagine how you do ICP lead sourcing

  • Define your real ICP and uncover pockets of untapped revenue
  • Automatically locate company & persona intent signals from multiple best-in-class data sources
  • Machine learning dynamically refines ICP based on results

Define your ICP based on data. Not opinionated theories.

Go beyond job title and company. OneShot uses AI to identify patterns and buying signals you can use to define a comprehensive, hyper-specific ideal buyer profile. We do this in two ways:

  1. Integrate with your CRM to automatically analyze where you're winning so you can tap into untouched areas of opportunity
  2. Manually configure your dream customer and let AI locate real-life counterparts, validating and refining as it learns

Pinpoint ideal buyers

Locate leads that match your ICP with data collected from dozens of best-in-class, GDPR-compliant data providers.

Target based on company and persona-level triggers, intent signals, buying role, and thousands of other data points.

  • We partner with the world-class data providers so you don't have to
  • Search for signals that matter to your business with superhuman speed and accuracy
  • Tap into OneShot's proprietary list of 50M companies

Dynamically refine your ICP

Automatically refine who you're reaching out to based on the results of your campaigns and broader shifts in the market. Quickly pivot when no one's responding, and double down when they are.

  • Machine learning algorithms automatically optimize what's resonating
  • Locate good-fit leads with obscure job titles but similar responsibilities
  • Zero-in on areas of opportunity your reps would never think to look

How OneShot works

Advanced AI and machine learning supercharges and automates every prospecting task.


AI reduces research time from hours to seconds.


Tailor each message to every prospect.


Craft the perfect message every time.


Expert outbound marketers QA every message.


Reach out on a proven cadence optimized for replies.


Automatically learn what's resonating & continuously optimize.

Leave the prospecting grunt work to AI. Focus on connecting with people.

"We are scaling quickly and our TAM is huge, so we can't effectively speak to everyone. OneShot has enabled us to conduct high-quality outbound communication without additional hiring. Plus with the intent signals, we know we are speaking to the right people."

Todd Michaud

CEO @ HuLoop Automation


How does OneShot ensure the accuracy of the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) it generates?

OneShot nails the accuracy of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by blending human insights with AI-driven analysis. During onboarding, we chat with you to gather comprehensive information about your best-fit customers. This information is used to establish an initial baseline for your ICP.

Our AI then gets to work, finding people who match that profile. It can also scour your CRM, checking out your current customers and opportunities to spot common traits. Armed with that knowledge, it goes on the hunt for lookalikes. In short, we combine your know-how and our AI to create an ICP that's spot-on for your business.

What data sources does OneShot use when searching for potential leads?

OneShot taps into a vast network of data when searching for potential leads. We draw from over 50 top-tier data providers worldwide, including heavy hitters like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, People Data Labs, and G2. So, you can rest assured we're casting a wide net to bring you the best possible leads.

How does OneShot handle privacy concerns when sourcing leads?

At OneShot, we take privacy concerns seriously. We ensure all our data sourcing strictly adheres to GDPR guidelines. So, while we're busy finding your ideal leads, we're also committed to respecting everyone's privacy rights.

How does OneShot's AI refine the ICP based on campaign data and market conditions?

OneShot's AI is all about learning and adapting. It keeps an eye on your campaign metrics to gauge what's hitting the mark and what's missing. If it spots a pattern—like certain job titles responding better—it'll tweak your ICP to zero-in on that group. Plus, it stays current with market conditions by analyzing news and trends, adjusting your approach based on economic shifts or industry-specific events. This way, OneShot ensures your ICP stays relevant, responsive and result-driven.

How specific can the ICP get? Can it target specific job titles or industry sectors?

It sure can! OneShot's ICP can get super granular. We can zero-in on specific job titles, industries, seniority levels, and even the time someone's spent at a company. Plus, thanks to our wide variety of data sources, we can find folks with unusual job titles that might slip past a manual search. So, whether you're after a 'Ninja Rockstar Developer' or a 'Chief Happiness Officer', OneShot's got your back!

What are some examples of the "intent signals" that OneShot can track?

OneShot monitors both company-level and person-level cues to identify intent. At the company level, we consider factors such as the tech stack they use, any fundraising activities, hiring trends, website traffic, opening of new offices, and recent mergers or acquisitions.

On the personal level, we look for how long they've been with the company, if they've ever worked with any of our existing customers, if they recently got promoted, or maybe even been contacted before but weren't quite ready to buy.

These intent signals allow us to get way more specific about who we're prospecting to so we can make sure resources are concentrated on people who are more likely to be in the market and ready to buy.

How does OneShot help me find companies similar to my existing customers?

OneShot can indeed help you find companies that resemble your existing customers. This is achieved through integration with your CRM, which allows us to automatically analyze all your existing data. We take into account your wins, current customers, opportunities, and meetings, which enables us to create a comprehensive picture of where you have been successful.

We consider factors such as company, industry, job title, and size of the company to determine your successful areas. For instance, if you have multiple customers in the financial services sector, we can identify similar companies in the same space. In parallel, we cross-check this CRM data with our vast network of data providers. This allows us to identify potential leads who are in your sweet spot and who may not be in your CRM.

How does OneShot ensure that the leads generated are of high quality?

Ensuring high-quality leads is a central focus for OneShot. We accomplish this by diversifying our data sources rather than relying on a single provider. This allows us to cross-reference and validate the accuracy of the data. We've established partnerships with all these data providers, which means you're spared from bearing those costs.

In addition, our system ensures the contact information is accurate before initiating any outreach. This crucial step ensures that we don't waste resources on sending emails that are destined to bounce. The result is a pool of highly-qualified, verified leads that increases the likelihood of successful engagement and conversion.

Can I customize the filters OneShot uses when defining the ICP or searching for leads?

Absolutely, customization is a key feature of OneShot. By having access to multiple data providers, you're afforded a broad range of filters to refine your searches. Should one data provider fall short in certain aspects, it's highly likely that another one will fill that gap. This way, you can precisely fine-tune your Ideal Customer Profile or your lead search parameters according to your unique needs. And one of the main advantages with OneShot is that you have unrestricted access to all these filters and providers, without the need for additional payment.

Can OneShot identify growth signals, such as companies that are hiring or have recently raised funding?

You bet, OneShot is well-equipped to identify growth signals in businesses. Our system is designed to comb through publicly accessible information such as press releases, news articles, social media posts, annual reports, 10-K filings, and other related information sources. This functionality enables us to spot indications of growth, like companies that are actively hiring or those that have recently procured funding. This nuanced level of data analysis can empower you to find leads that are in a growth phase and potentially more receptive to your offering.