Reinforcement Learning

Automatically Optimize and Refine Your Outbound With AI

OneShot's advanced machine learning actively monitors your campaigns and KPIs, continuously refining your prospecting strategy.

Spray and pray won't get you paid.

Ramping up email volume to compensate for low conversion rates doesn't increase replies.

Pouring resources into outbound without a clear optimization strategy is a leaky bucket—high costs, zero ROI.

You’re moving too fast to analyze past performance. It's impossible to tell what's working and what's falling flat.

Want an AI-powered outbound scientist in your back pocket?
Meet OneShot

Optimize your outbound campaigns continuously in the background.

  • Automatically monitor key metrics and ICP signals
  • Refine and optimize your approach with machine learning
  • Increase conversion rates without increasing quantity & sacrificing quality
Workflow-Wide Reinforcement Learning

Let AI monitor your prospecting campaigns from end to end

OneShot's intelligent algorithms continuously monitor key metrics, automatically optimizing your campaigns as more data becomes available.

  • We search for ICP signals so you never reach out to the wrong person.
  • Rather than just notify you about low-performing KPIs, OneShot's AI will adjust your prospecting approach on the fly
  • Intelligent agents make better decisions the more they learn
Generative AI Personalization

Resonate on a human level at the speed of AI

Leverage the power of generative AI and sophisticated built-in prompts to create messages that are uniquely human.

Our AI models are trained to act as and think like your ICP, ensuring your messaging resonates with their specific goals, challenges, and pain points.

Expert (human) QA checks make sure every message is up to your quality standards before it's sent.

How OneShot works

Advanced AI and machine learning supercharges and automates every prospecting task.


AI reduces research time from hours to seconds.


Tailor each message to every prospect.


Craft the perfect message every time.


Expert outbound marketers QA every message.


Reach out on a proven cadence optimized for replies.


Automatically learn what's resonating & continuously optimize.

Leave the prospecting grunt work to AI. Focus on connecting with people.


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