Run Your Entire Outbound Sales Strategy on One Platform

Quit spending a fortune to spam your prospects. Scale revenue without increasing headcount and empower your sellers to prospect better with AI.

Outbound doesn’t work like it used to.

Reps spend too long on manual tasks, with no pipeline to show for it.

Budget freezes mean you can’t scale with headcount.

Outbound performance is falling short of exponential growth expectations.

Want to make outbound your most reliable revenue channel again?
Meet OneShot

The end-to-end prospecting platform powered by AI

  • Turn every rep on your team into a high performer
  • Ditch expensive agencies and tools and run outbound from one platform
  • Eliminate the manual prospecting work slowing your reps down

Scale revenue without scaling headcount

Get more output from the reps on your team by removing the manual work dominating their day. AI automates all the time-consuming components of prospecting so your reps can focus on tasks that move the needle.

Stop spending a fortune on expensive data providers

Run outbound from one place. No more email sequencing tools, no more data providers. OneShot handles every step in the prospecting process.

Get best-in-class data—we partner with top data providers so you don’t have to—and run campaigns on built-in AI-powered sequencing so your reps send the right message to the right person at the right time, every time.

Get your entire sales team prospecting

Get AEs sourcing their own pipeline. OneShot reduces the time it takes to run effective prospecting campaigns from days to hours. Now your quota-carrying reps can keep their pipelines full without interfering with the deals they’re working.

Leave the prospecting grunt work to AI. Focus on connecting with people.