The Outbound Co-Pilot for RevOps

Supercharge Your Outbound Efficiency With AI

Cut the hours of tedious admin tasks and data analysis slowing you and your reps down. Use AI to supercharge your entire outbound motion.

Non-productive admin tasks are killing your outbound efficiency

Reps spend too much time researching accounts and not enough time talking to prospects.

Striking a balance between personalization and scale is a never-ending struggle between quantity and quality.

You can't measure what you can't see. Let alone report on it to three different C-level execs.

Supercharge your SDRs with AI (without losing the human touch)
Meet OneShot

The AI-powered prospecting platform for RevOps pros

  • Automate all the prospecting busywork & set your reps up to win
  • Dynamically expand your TAM and refine your ICP with machine learning
  • Built-in tracking monitors key metrics & activities for easy reporting
AI-Powered ICP Lead Sourcing

Refine your ICP. Expand your TAM.

You already put in the work to understand your ideal buyer. Take it to the next level by harnessing the power of AI to dynamically refine your ICP.

Machine learning then analyzes billions of data points, scouring your TAM (and beyond) for great-fit leads that match that profile and intent signals.

  • Connect with your CRM to locate lookalike leads within your TAM
  • Or manually configure your ICP and let our AI go to work finding leads from dozens of best-in-class data sources
  • Our intelligent platform automatically adjusts & refines ICP and campaigns based on results
Generative AI Personalization

Hyper relevant outreach at scale

Forget the compromise between personalization and scale. With OneShot's generative AI capabilities, your reps can have both.

  • Uncover triggers and relevant insights in seconds
  • Generate unique, relevant messages for every prospect
  • Automatically refine tone and language based on seniority and buying role
Email & Domain Health

Maintain a strong sender reputation. Avoid the SPAM folder.

Set your email prospecting programs up for success with a foundation built on best practices. Intelligent delivery keeps your cold emails out of SPAM.

  • Built-in email warming, domain verification, & mailbox rotation maintains your primary domain reputation and ensures your emails land in the inbox
  • Generative AI personalizes every every email to each prospect, avoiding repetition and automatically filtering out SPAM trigger words
  • Verified data minimizes hard bounces & ensures messages go to the right contact
Full Outbound Visibility

Understand what’s working (and what’s not)

Get full visibility into what your outbound reps are working on, which accounts they’re prospecting, and where they’re stuck.

Advanced machine learning constantly monitors the performance of your campaigns. Identify the source of booked meetings and who’s engaging with your outreach.

  • Dashboard view to monitor key metrics and activity levels
  • Daily warm leads and engaged contacts reports
  • All your outbound KPIs in one place for easy reporting

Leave the prospecting grunt work to AI. Focus on connecting with people.